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Bombardier started 2014 with the first flight of the second CSeries test aircraft, nicknamed FTV2 on January 3rd. Originally expected to fly about a month after the FTV1, which flew in September, this vehicle, like its brethren, was rumored to be delayed by software updates to the fly-by-wire system, but is finally airborne.

Bombardier Aerospace is a division of Bombardier Inc.. The company competes with Brazilian rival Embraer for the title of the third largest aircraft manufacturer after Airbus and Boeing. It is headquartered in Dorval, Quebec, Canada.[

Bombardier Aerospace·First Test Flight for the 2nd CSeries aicraft (FTV2) 2014.01.09


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McDonnell Douglas YF-4J Phantom II (Bu.No.151497)



RideAlong! US Navy F/A-18C Hornet East Demo Team (Helmet Cam...2013.12.31


Posted 2013.12.09


MiG31 ASvideo (Artur Sarkisyan)

About Artur Sarkisyan

Artur Sarkisyan was a pilot of Russian Air Force. He graduated Higher Military Aviation School in Kharkov (Ukraine) in 1978. After leaving the military service he wouldn't parted with the sky and became work as air operator using especial technology of shooting. Now Artur Sarkisyan works with World Famous aerobatic teams such as "Russian Knights", "Swifts", "Rus".His latest work shows one of the most unique aircraft which have been produced in the world - russian air defense interceptor MiG-31 "Foxhound". This short movie demonstrates all the beauty and power of this fantastic airplane. There were two couples of MiG-31 which were playing with clouds and each other. It filmed on the GoPro cameras with exclusive mounts which were designed specifically for this fighter for all flight altitudes and speeds up to Mach 2,83.



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The photography of the beauty of aviation, the soaring bird and the sky that both the bird, and man's flying machines fly through have been a life long passion of mine as well as guitars is what my blog is about. I strive to find the dynamics that make these things happen and my aviation photography is used to take all of this beauty out of "the box."

Our cameras see beauty that the human eye will never see as the camera does one thing that the human mind is very week at, and that is to focus in detail beyond the human imagination.

I hope that you will have liked what you have seen.Thank you for your time in visiting this my blog.


Slightly Aerodynamically Unstable

Slightly Aerodynamically Unstable
The F-16 was the first production fighter aircraft intentionally designed to be slightly aerodynamically unstable.[43] This technique, called "relaxed static stability" (RSS), was incorporated to further enhance the aircraft's maneuver performance. Most aircraft are designed with positive static stability, which induces an aircraft to return to its original attitude following a disturbance

SABR AESA for the F-16 Video

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Great Minds Quotes
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